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IMPORTANT: The last Thursday News of the year is now available!

Criw Cymraeg

A new year, a new Criw Cymraeg and two new teachers running the Criw.  Mrs Jones and Miss Manship are so proud of our Criw Cymraeg (Welsh Club). They will be helping Mrs Jones and Miss Manship around the school to raise standards in Welsh and to help promote the Cymraeg Campus Bronze Award, which we would desperately like to achieve by the end of the academic year.  They will be taking Welsh assemblies and meeting regularly to share ideas on how to make Welsh exciting throughout the school. We would like the Criw to help teach Welsh games to play on the yard and to develop the language by offering play equipment during break times. They will also share ideas with how to run our Eisteddfod in March. Each week we have a Welsh phrase of the week, where each child receives a Seren Gymraeg if the Criw or a member of staff hear them using it around the school. The serens are counted up each week and the class with the most will get to look after Elliot yr Ddraig for the week in the Juniors and in the Foundation Phase, children will get to take home Flame.  The Criw will also listen out to children who are using Welsh around the school and will award them with the Seren yr Wythnos certificate on a Friday, during Celebration Assembly.

If you would like some help to develop your Welsh as a parent, please visit:


Please don't hesitate to contact Mrs Jones or Miss Manship at the school for further help or support. On the other hand, if you have an expertise in Welsh and would like to share the language with the children, again, please contact Mrs Jones or Miss Manship.


Diolch yn fawr!