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Little Euro Guides


This page of our website will be dedicated to keeping you up-to-date with all that is happening as part of our Erasmus+ project. Check back here for any surveys and questionnaires that we will use throughout the project.


We also have a dedicated website built by one of our partners onto which records of our work will be regularly uploaded. See the link below:

Little Euro Guides


Please find below a brief description of who we are and what we will be doing.


Project Description

Through this project we aim to give our pupils the chance to compare their values, traditions, heritage and culture and help them to see themselves as children of Europe. Our pupils will see that they are different from each other in many ways, but on the other hand they will recognise that they share many similarities! They need to know their past, history, culture and ancestors in order to know about themselves. 


In participating in this project, the teachers will be able to keep local cultural values alive. They will be aware of their cultural richness, comparing the differences and similarities between the cultures of different European countries and sharing their cultural heritage. Through our project, our pupils will learn about the cultures and the important and famous places of the country they live in.


The students in each country will get to know themselves better by planning activities and being 'Little Euro Guides' of their country. We will also develop many key skills. For example; literacy skills, numeracy skills, digital citizenship and computing skills.


Who is involved?

We are five primary schools from five different European countries. The project will last for two years. We will divide these two years into four "6 months periods". In each 6 months period we will work on different subjects that are;


1st 6 months: My Environment (including tourist places, monuments, historical background and nature; briefly: the environment where the students live)

2nd 6 months: National Festivals (each partner school will introduce the other partner schools to the most unique national festival of their country)

3rd 6 months: Dances and music (both folk and popular)

4th 6 months: Children’s games


The Partner Schools


School: Onder Ata Ilkokulu

City: Ankara

School Website


"We are a primary school in the centre of the capital city of Turkey. Our students are aged from 4 to 10. There are 6 pre-primary classes and 34 primary classes from the 1st graders to 4th graders. There are 39 teachers."



School: Escola da Cruz de Carvalho

City: Funchal (Madeira)

School Website


"Escola da Cruz de Carvalho is a primary school with preschool from Funchal, Madeira Islands in Portugal. We have 11 classes (3 preschool and 2 for each grade). In preschool we have 73 students and in primary school 179. In the school there are 37 teachers."



School: Scuola Re David

City: Bari

School Website 


"We have 1200 pupils aged 3 to 10 and about 80 teachers but we intend to work only with 8 classes (8/9 years old by the time of the project) about 200 pupils and 10/12 teachers."



School: 4th Primary School of Rafina

City: Rafina


"4th Primary school of Rafina is a new school. The school is located in east Attica, near Athens, the capital of Greece. It is a small school, that has about 130 pupils and 12 teachers."

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