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Malpas Church in Wales Primary School

Ysgol Gynradd yr Eglwys yng Nghymru, Malpas

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IMPORTANT: The last Thursday News of the year is now available!

Expressive Arts

Learning Intentions 


We will be given plenty of opportunity to develop our creativity this year! In the Autumn Term, children will be studying Egyptian artwork through. This will involve making comparisons with other time periods and adopting some of the tools and ideas used to create Egyptian artwork. They will develop ideas by collecting and organising resources and will learn how to control a range of materials, tools and techniques to achieve this.  


Through music, children will have experience of playing instruments, showing control of the musical elements.  They will maintain an instrumental part in a compositional piece through Egyptian music to incorporate with our project.  They will work with others and use musical ideas to produce compositions using appropriate musical elements.


We have a vey exciting opportunity to take part in an Egyptian bread-making workshop lead by the expert- Mr Jenkins! We will be designing, creating and evaluating our work. 


We will also work together to research Egyptian entertainment. Using our findings we will perform dancing, fighting and drama sequences. 

Exciting Egyptians Expressive Arts Week

Thank you to British Bake Off star 'Jon Jenkins' for running an exciting Egyptian Bread Workshop!

Year 4 enjoyed performing their part in the KS2 Panto with their brilliant voices and choreography!

We loved researching, designing and creating our very own tribal rainmakers!

We studied and created outstanding pieces of art inspired by the famous artist- Henri Rousseau!