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Malpas Church in Wales Primary School

Ysgol Gynradd yr Eglwys yng Nghymru, Malpas

Educating Minds, Educating Hearts

IMPORTANT: The last Thursday News of the year is now available!


In the Autumn Term we will be becoming ambitious, capable learners as we explore our new theme Time Travellers. Our ‘Pupil Voice’ discussions have led us to think about how life has changed over the years and we will focus our studies on Cardiff Castle. We will investigate the first known use of the site through our ‘immersion’ activity. This will give us the opportunity to become members of a ‘Time Team’ set to uncover mysteries from the past by the study of artefacts. We will then move onto investigate the events that led to the Battle of Hastings and explore historical sources in order to determine why Cardiff Castle features a motte and bailey. We will visit Cardiff Castle and take part in Medieval workshops that will give us the opportunity to be 'hands - on' learners. We will also explore the Victorian links in the castle when we study some of the beautiful Victorian renovations.  


Our Time Traveller theme links in with our school pantomime that is inspired by the legend of King Arthur and his possible links with Caerleon. This idea has also come from our ‘Pupil Voice’ discussions with the children. The pantomime, though rooted in our Time Traveller theme, is also full of comedy, music, dance and drama! We will have plenty of opportunities to develop the Expressive Arts this term!


We will be embracing a new theme in the Spring Term: Changes. We are looking forward to discussing ideas for this theme with the children, looking in particular at changes to our locality. We plan to develop lots of Geography skills through this theme and we are excited to see where the project takes us!


As a church school, we particularly enjoy a broad and exciting RE programme. This year, Year 6 will enjoy a set of lessons delivered by a visiting Bible Explorer tutor. We will also learn about the traditions and symbols of the major world religions.