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Malpas Church in Wales Primary School

Ysgol Gynradd yr Eglwys yng Nghymru, Malpas

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IMPORTANT: The last Thursday News of the year is now available!

Language, Literacy and Communication

We've had a great start to the new academic year we've even had a visit from Milo the Dragon; who'd escaped from Raglan Castle!  The children have been very excited to learn about Fairy Tales and Castles through our 'Once upon a time' theme.  


We've retold the Rapunzel story and even came up with our own innovative endings. We've have compared the original Rapunzel story to the film Tangled and found similarities and differences.  We've enjoyed being picture detectives describing a scene from the story 'The Trouble with Dragons' and using our senses to think about the world around us. 

Milo left us some clues when he came to visit!

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We’ve had a great start to Year 2 by exploring Food in our 'Scrumptious' topic and Light in our 'Light it Up' topic.
We retold and innovated the story of the Gingerbread Man by creating story profiles, character profiles and story maps. We started the theme by reading clues and predicting who might have left us a gift!  We retold the story of The Papaya that Spoke by using actions. We then innovated on the story and created our own stories in a similar style.


We wrote explanation texts about our research of electricity. We used heading and sub-headings to organise our writing. We explored and used 'expert' words such as 'turbine', 'power station', and 'pylons'.