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Malpas Church in Wales Primary School

Ysgol Gynradd yr Eglwys yng Nghymru, Malpas

Educating Minds, Educating Hearts

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Mathematics and Numeracy through the Romans

Our pupils will have the opportunity to develop their mathematical skills through mini-projects linked directly with the Romans.


- Maths in a Roman Forum

Investigating what life would have been like in a Roman Forum (marketplace) and imagining themselves as slaves buying food and various items for their master. The children will have chances to develop their understanding of maths in the real-life context of money and measures.


- Living in a Roman Villa

Exploring a typical Roman Villa and learning about the different rooms that would have been in the house. They will investigate the area and perimeter of various rooms and compare the size and measurements of the Villa.


- Invasion!

Our pupils will place themselves in the Roman army, on a mission to the heart of Britannia! Through this mini-topic they will explore how much a Roman soldier would have been paid, how far they would have been expected to march and how much weight they would have had to carry! They will also compare and contrast different units in the Roman army, investigating the maths involved in paying for and feeding a whole legion.