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Malpas Church in Wales Primary School

Ysgol Gynradd yr Eglwys yng Nghymru, Malpas

Educating Minds, Educating Hearts

CHANGE OF VENUE - Summer Barbecue will now be held at Malpas Cricket Club, Bettws Lane on Friday 5th July 2019; 5.30 p.m. - 10.00 p.m. The event is associated with the school, but will be organised and run by the PTA. The event is free to enter, however, the PTA would be grateful for any donations. Disco, Barbecue, Raffle, Face Paints, Glitter Tattoos, Photobooth, Tuck Shop and much more. More information to follow next week. N.B. As the venue holds an alcohol license, alcohol taken to the event is strictly forbidden. Any parent seen with their own alcohol will be asked to leave. The middle green is not to be walked on at any time.This area is used for professional matches and will be coned/roped off.

Science and Technology

This year we will be linking our learning to our class project of Fantastic Beasts by studying Earth Science. Children will be making observations to group, sort and compare different materials and organisms.  They will give simple explanations for differences between objects. They will use scientific knowledge and understanding to explain differences between materials and scientific vocabulary will be encouraged in their explanations.  


In our investigative work they will be talking about steps needed to carry out enquiries and what is needed to be successful when conducting experiments.  They will be finding evidence using books and ICT through their investigative work. They will learn how to plan for experiments, describe what they have found out and draw considered conclusions.  This will be done through the study of materials, rocks and fossils.


We will use ICT as an aid to help us in all of the areas of the curriculum.  In particular, children will learn how to exchange online communication with other learners, making use of a growing range of available features e.g. email – by emailing Dyfs about Winter Wonderland.  They will be showing understanding that copying the work of others and presenting it as their own is called “plagiarism” through having someone trying to steal their ideas for the Fantastic Beast Museum.  They will create data and extract information from them about Fantastic Beasts. Children will also learn how it is important to stay safe on the internet through activities carried out during our Safety Internet Week.


Through our projects, children will also have opportunities to use Design & Technology to research and gather information on pneumatics to help generate ideas.  They will draw labelled sketches and ideas on moving parts and pneumatics. They will outline what they are going to make and how they are going to make it along with selecting appropriate tools to use.  They will evaluate their work as it develops, making changes where necessary.