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Ysgol Gynradd yr Eglwys yng Nghymru, Malpas

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Year 3

Blwydden 3


At the moment it is a very difficult time for us all.  Some days will be fun whilst you are working from home with your parents, and other days will be more tricky, when we are bored and are desperate to go outside and play with your friends.  Always know that Mrs Jones and Ms Bond are here for you. 


Every Monday we will set some fun tasks and activities for you through SeeSaw.  Up until now, we have both loved seeing your videos, your work and your messages and it makes us feel happy to know that you are all safe and well.  Please continue to use SeeSaw as it's the best platform we have where we can check in on each other by sending each other messages or videos.


In your pack, you have also been given your logins for Hwb, Mathletics and Nessy for you to practise Numeracy, Literacy and ICT skills, but above all, your health and well-being means more to us than anything.  So, during this difficult time, enjoy time with your family, read, do puzzles, play board games, bake cakes and take part in yoga meditations and exercise classes with Joe Wicks on his You Tube channel.  


We are very proud of you Blwydden 3.  Keep safe and remember you are all superheroes and saving lives by staying home!


Speak to you all via SeeSaw and keep safe

Mrs Jones & Ms Bond

Our Projects!


Time Travellers - The Titanic Changes All Creatures Great and Small


Here are some of the lovely pieces of work that we have been taking part in during Lockdown.  We have been doing some amazing Home School Learning! smiley


Our visit to the RNLI - Barry Island


On Friday we visited the RNLI Centre.  Stuart and Phil were so accommodating to us because the weather was so bad!  It was pouring down!  Bobl bach! 


We learnt all about how to understand the different flags that we may see at the beach and what they mean, we learnt how to remain safe in the water and what to do if we get into difficulty and we watched films of the RNLI in action.  We were able to role-play on one of the real life Life Boats and dress up as a coastguard.  It was so informative and lots of fun!

Titanic Immersion Day


To kick start our new project about the Titanic, Blwydden 3 took part in an immersion day on Thursday 19th September. In the morning, we worked together to make cucumber flavoured sandwiches and beef paste flavoured sandwiches.  We also baked and decorated cakes. 


In the afternoon, 48 boarding passes for the Titanic were placed into a hat.  We had to pull out a ticket, crossing our fingers that we pulled out a First Class Ticket!  We then had to line up ready to board the Titanic.  Mrs Jones was even dressed as the Captain!  We then had to show our boarding passes to The Captain, Ms Bond and Mrs Lavelle.  Once we showed our boarding pass we were shown to our places.  First Class passengers were called Lady and Gentleman and were treated with great politeness.  We got to sit at the red tables where there were delicious cucumber sandwiches, "red wine" and cupcakes.  Second Class passengers were sent to the white tables where we were greeted by paste sandwiches, squash and cupcakes.  The Third Class passengers were not treated with politeness.  We had to have our finger nails and hair checked and were told to sit and wait at the benches until all the First and Second class passengers were waited upon.  We were then given crackers and water.


Luckily for us, this was all part of the plan by Mrs Jones and Ms Bond to help us understand how differently the Third Class passengers were treated on the Titanic and to know that there were not enough lifeboats to save them when the Titanic hit tragedy.  We were so pleased to see them come out with a choice of cucumber and paste sandwiches for us along with squash and cupcakes, just like the others, at the end of the lesson.  Even though the Third Class passengers felt sad at first, we all learnt a very valuable lesson about the class system.


Have a look at some of the photos below to see what amazing things we have done so far!


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