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Year 5

Croeso i Blwyddyn 5!


Miss Reese, Mr Hichens and Mrs Williams welcome you to our Year 5 page. Here you can find out about the exciting things we will be doing this year. Don't forget to follow us as a year group on Twitter @MCPS_year5 to keep up to date with our weekly activities. 


Diolch Yn Fawr smiley


We are working from home too - always here for you!

Cardiff Castle Firing Line Museum - 23rd October 2019

The children enjoyed a fun filled day out at Cardiff Castle's Firing Line museum. They took part in a workshop where they were able to use their problem solving skills to find clues about the owner of different suitcases. The had the opportunity to learn through 'hands on' experiences. The topics explored included: evacuation, the role of women during the war, civilian defences, Dig for Victory propaganda, gas masks and air raid shelters. The children particularly enjoyed visiting a real life public wartime shelter within the castle walls. 

Thursday 14th February we visited Big Pit National Museum and had a great time. We learnt all about the hard life of a miner, working 12 hour days on their hands and knees looking for 'black gold' coal,  even horses and children were expected to work! The miners talked to us about how dangerous it was and that some people died because of explosions, so they used canaries and Davey lamps to check how much gas was in the mine before they started working.


Inside the museum we explored the locker rooms and had a look at the showers where we could hear the miners singing and laughing with their friends and in another room we dressed up as miners and tried to crawl through the dark tunnels - that was great fun. 


During our visit into the Victorian classroom we talked about life during Victorian times and  also had a go at being detectives trying to work out what Henrietta Franklin did for work. She was a carter and she was only 11 years old. and lived. We attempted to pull the drams too which was a job of the miner and that was tough going! 

Take a look at some of our pictures. You can see a few more on our Twitter feed too.

Next week for our 'Art Week Project,' we will be making a 2D textile collage to retell the story of a Welsh tale. To do this we are asking pupils to bring any unwanted clothing, table cloths, curtains or any other fabrics that they would be happy to share with the rest of the class. They will be cutting the fabrics and sticking them to other materials.  If you have anything around the house that is not being used anymore we would really appreciate your contribution.

Many thanks

Blwyddyn 5 


We enjoyed our trip to Cilfynydd Water Treatment plant, despite the cold weather. We learnt all about healthy drinks, I couldn't believe how much sugar there is in some fruit juices and how too much caffeine is bad for us too.

"Water is the healthiest drink by far!" (Catrin Martin)


We had great fun wandering around the African village 'doing our chores' and trying to make a little water go a long way. We had to collect the water from the river and carry it back. Would you believe that in Africa they have to walk miles for water and all we do is turn on a tap. 


A quick reminder that year 5 are making African musical instruments this week, so please send in any recyclable materials for us to get creative!

Cog Moors Visit- 13/11/17


Today year 5 had a lovely day visiting Cog Moors Environmental Education Centre. The children took part in two workshops.


Workshop 1 - Clean Water for All (Project)


The children took a trip to Africa in a day! It was a great way for the children to experience what it is like to live in a Ugandan village. Pupils participated in plenty of role play and hands on tasks.


Workshop 2- Water for Health ( Science)


The children participated in a fun, practical way which demonstrated what goes into what they drink.


All the children thoroughly enjoyed the visit and it enhanced their learning experience of our Science and Topic projects.

This term all year five pupils have completed a series of five one-hour sessions that have helped the children engage with the Old Testament. The unique words and hand signs have helped everyone to remember the storyline. Pupils have also completed a booklet and will receive a certificate in final assembly on Friday to show they have complete the course.

Year five had a fun filled visit to Techniquest today. Pupils explored the various exhibitions and took part in a workshop entitled "The Human Body". The pupils were well behaved and polite and were a credit to the school.


We would like to remind parents that permission slips for our Techniquest trip with money, need to be returned by Tuesday 19th September for our trip on Wednesday 20th.