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IMPORTANT: The last Thursday News of the year is now available!

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Mrs Keyse and Miss S welcome you to the Year 6 page of our website! Here you will be able to find out all about what we are doing in Year 6 throughout the year. Our theme this term is 'Who Am I?' and we have already chatted with the children about what they would like to focus upon. They had some wonderful ideas, especially around our core text, 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' and we can't wait to explore them. 


We have recently sent home updated home learning codes for Seesaw and a password reminder sheet for all of the other platforms that we use. Once the children have had some time to settle back in to the school routine, we will set weekly homework via Seesaw. Mrs Keyse and Miss S will keep adding information to these pages through the year so make sure you come back regularly.


We understand that this year has been difficult in many ways but we are so happy to see the children all back in school and we are looking forward to many exciting times together. 


 Diolch yn fawr!

In these difficult times, please remember the wise words of Albus Dumbledore:

Our Year 6 Leavers’ Message

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We all wrote prayers to share with Bishop Cherry and collated them into a video. Reverend Becca and our teachers also included good luck messages for us.

A Message from Bishop Cherry

Dear Year 6,

My name is Miss S and I will be the new Dosbarth Llywynog teacher. I know I have already had the privilege of meeting my class a few weeks ago, but I hope I will be able to meet all of Year 6 and get to know each and every one of you a little bit better soon. Malpas Church is a fantastic school and I look forward to creating and teaching some exciting lessons with you. I am really enjoying seeing all the fun things you are doing during this period. Keep a look out for me on Seesaw, I’m sure you will be seeing my face and hearing my voice very soon.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter Holidays, and I look forward to seeing what other exciting things you get up to.

Best wishes,

Miss S x

Dear Year 6,


I hope you are and your families are all well and staying safe. I have been thoroughly enjoying all of your interesting posts on Seesaw. There have been hundreds of exciting posts over the last few weeks, so I though I'd share just a few with you all! I have really enjoyed seeing your responses to the activities set and some of the extra posts that you have shared. My family and I have even had a try at making some of the recipes that have been posted - yummy! I check Seesaw everyday, so it's a great way to stay in touch. Remember to check the Year 6 Twitter page too, as I often upload Seesaw work to show what a wonderful job you are all doing!


It is lovely to welcome Miss S to our team at Malpas Church and we all look forward to working with her.  Please look out for her letter of introduction on this page. 


I know that some of you must be finding it difficult being away from your friends for so long, but stay strong and remember that each and every one of you is playing your part in keeping our community safe. I am so proud of you all and I look forward to the time when we can all meet up again and celebrate all the wonderful times that we have shared together at Malpas Church. 


Stay safe,

Love Mrs. Keyse xx

Dear Year 6, 
I hope that you and your families are all safe and well. I have really enjoyed hearing from you and seeing all the lovely things that you have been up to on Seesaw. The Easter holidays are approaching so the regular five activities a week will not be posted over this period. 
If you feel that you would like to keep busy, it would be lovely if you could do some nature watching in your garden or from your window. You could watch out for local birds and create a tally chart based on size, colour or species. You could select one of the birds to research or sketch. You could take some photos if you are really quiet and don't frighten them away! Please don't feel that you have to do this, it's just a suggestion if you wanted something to keep you busy! 
Stay safe,
Love from Mrs Keyse



Dear Year 6,


I know that school ended quite abruptly last week and that it was emotional saying goodbye to friends for a while. I am sure that we will be able to arrange a get together when all of the restrictions have been lifted. In the meantime, Seesaw is a great way for us to keep in touch. I have already had so much fun reading your posts. Some of you have been trying out some of the set activities, uploading pictures from your home-school book, baking, gardening and even researching where to set up bird boxes for your garden! 


Your work really brightens my day and I enjoy responding to all of your wonderful ideas.  If you haven't logged on to Seesaw yet, don't worry, it's really easy. All you need is the code from your homework book. This will take you to our class account. You can see the set tasks and read any announcements that I have made. I'm really interested to see anything that you would like to post. 


Work has also been set on Mathletics. If you have any problems with anything, just write me a note on Seesaw - I check Seesaw every day.  Nessy is a great way to practise your spellings. If you take the online assessment, the computer will set appropriate targets for you to work through. There are also other activities to explore on Nessy too! Have fun earning and spending your nuggets!


Finally, it is really important to stay positive. Enjoy this time with your families. Enjoy the opportunity to try some new things and to share your ideas with your teacher. Draw lovely pictures, work out with Joe Wicks, use Just Dance, try a puzzle, read a book or even try writing one! All of you in Year 6 know that I am a great Harry Potter fan. In the words of Albus Dumbledore:


'Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.'


Thinking of you all,

Mrs Keyse xx



Welcome to Year 6!


Mrs Keyse and Mrs MacDonald welcome you to the Year 6 page of our website! Here you will be able to find out all about what we are doing in Year 6 throughout the year. We've got lots of exciting things planned; a visit to Cardiff Castle, outdoor education at Hilston Park, and of course, this year's pantomime!


On this page you will find links to different areas of learning to help you with your school work. Mrs Keyse and Mrs MacDonald will keep adding information to these pages through the year so make sure you come back regularly.


Under these help pages we have an area devoted to Year 6 blogging. Keep checking back regularly for updates both from the teachers but also from our wonderful pupils! Diolch yn fawr!

Blogging about events in Year 6


Read on below to find out more about the different events and activities our children have been getting up to, whether in class, on visits or outside of school. 

Our School Pantomime

By Lewie Windsor

At the moment Year 6 have been practising for the school pantomime ‘Shambles of Shamelot’. I play one of the dames and my name is Hilda and I’m on in scene 3 with my husband Howard (Keeleigh). We have a son called Arthur who becomes king because he is the only one who can pull the sword out of the stone. Then I come in on scene 8 with Howard, Morgan, Knight 5, Arthur and Mini-jones. My favourite song is the finale one and it is called “When Christmas Comes to Town”. My favourite joke is when I say “yes almost as proud as Mrs Hunt was the other day,” and Howard says “why was she proud dear?” and I say “well she stood up in the staffroom and proudly declared that she had finished her 300-piece jigsaw puzzle and it had only taken her one month!” and Howard says “Isn’t that a little long for a 300-piece puzzle?” and I say “’Of course not,’ said Mrs Hunt, ‘it said on the box, 2-4 years!’”. I like my part because I am the main part and I make everyone laugh.




Our School Pantomime

By Catrin Martin

At the moment Year 6 are practising for the school pantomime ‘Shambles of Shamelot’. I play the role of Noel Nofunds (Noel Edmunds). I come on in scene 8 With Hilda (Lewie), Morgan (Corey), Knight 5 (Harvey), Arthur (Jack), Howard (Keeleigh) and Mini-Jones (Aeron).

My favourite joke is when I start insulting Hilda (Lewie) I say, “Well you’re certainly devastating and a little bit vain”. Then Hilda says “Now, now Noel I spend hours in front of the mirror admiring my beauty, do you call that vanity?” Then I say “No – imagination!”

 My favourite song is “Jump on It”. I like my part because I get to wear a wig and beard. At the end Arthur and Guinevere get married and live happily ever after.

I feel like I am developing my confidence on stage and my acting skills.






Our Pantomime 2019

By Natalia Szafraniec

This year our pantomime is called ‘The Shambles of Shamelot’. It is based on the legendary King Arthur tale. Some of the characters that are in the pantomime are actually legendary, such as King Arthur, Prancelot (Lancelot), Knights, Merlin, Guinevere, Gawain, Lady of the Lake, Mordred and Morgan le Faye. The characters that are made up by Mrs Keyse are Howard, Hilda, Noel Edmunds and Cat in Clogs. My favourite piece of music is ‘Jump on it’. Also my favourite character is ‘Cat in Clogs’. The characters I play are Narrator 1 and ‘What’. I like being these characters a lot because when I am ‘What’ I get to sing two songs. 




15th October 2019

Crucial Crew

By Erin Davies

Class 14 and 13 went to visit Crucial Crew in the afternoon. They learned all about cat protection, food hygiene, and the danger of electricity and many more. The sessions were run well and everyone had a chance to join in. The children listened well and gave great answers. They even had a chance to buy souvenirs at the end! 


Crucial Crew

By Joseph Peach

Year 6 enjoyed a fantastic trip to Crucial Crew at Raglan Barracks. They especially liked the hood hygiene talk and the fire brigade talk, they learned lots of interesting facts, like cats are allergic to lactose and it costs £2000 pounds for each fire emergency call. They even had a chance to buy some souvenirs along the way! The presentations were informative and exciting.


27th September 2019

Cardiff Castle

By Aaliyah Lichwa-Morris


Year 6 enjoyed a wet day at Cardiff Castle, definitely a day for a rain coat and wellies. We learnt when the castle was built. Also we found out who used Cardiff Castle. We went up the Motte. We even had time to go into a museum and explore an Anderson shelter. There was such a nice view.

Macmillan Coffee Morning

By Ella Gandee



On 28th September 2018, our school held a Macmillan cake sale. Everyone brought lots of donations so we sold lots of cakes. We filled the junior hall and the infant hall. The children got to sell all the cakes and assisted people. Miss Kent and Mrs Beechy-Morgan where selling hot drinks and supplying water. I sold lots of cakes and so did everybody. The cakes didn`t have a price, you just gave a donation and that would be your payment for as many cakes as you like.

The Macmillan afternoon was to help fund raise for Cancer Research. We will donate all the money we have made. We also had a celebrity come join us - Jon from the Great British Bake Off! He made us delicious lemon cupcakes and rose water marshmallows. They were sold instantly! People were taking pictures and taking autographs from Jon so more people came. In total we made £620!



Our Pantomime

By Alfie Carney



We have been rehearsing the pantomime for a few weeks and it has been rather fun being on stage in our various scenes. As I am soldier 3, I only come on scene 7 and my part is about a piece of paper. The pantomime runs over 12 scenes making 2 hours. We will be doing three days of pantomime in December, the 12th, 13th, and 14th and we run the panto another time for the infants. Our main historical characters come at scenes 3-10. Rhys ap Gruffydd, the prince of Wales, King Henry, Queen Eleanor and Prince Harry make their debut in the pantomime. Angharad and Gwen are Rhys’ daughters but in our pantomime they are ‘Angha’ and ‘I-Laugh’. There are some fantasy characters like Elsa from Frozen. The evil characters are Mother Gothel and Tibbles. Mother Gothel has a son who is in love with Elsa and his name is Eilon. They are the main characters but the plot is about Mother Gothel changing Elsa’s powers into fire but then in the end Eilon and Elsa get married.




Our Pantomime

By Riley Byrne



In Malpas Church Primary we have been working on this year’s pantomime. it is about the Year 6 topic - The Age of the Welsh Princes but with a twist. The twist is it is a theme for good and evil. The evil part is that the witch mother Gothal with her pet cat Tibbles and her monkey minions are trying to stop Rhys and to get Elsa out of the way. The good side are trying to stop Mother Gothal’s evil plans. The main character is Rhys ap Gruffydd with his two daughters, Angharad and Gwen but this is also another part of the twist in the panto. Rhys has another daughter, Elsa. Queen Eleanor, King Henry and Prince Harry are also involved. King Henry attacked Rhys but he was sent off with a terrible storm. In the panto we make it as if Elsa sent him off with her powers. When Rhys and King Henry make friends they all get together and have an Eisteddfod but in the panto we turn into something called The Choice like The Voice with four judges. There is a dance troop called Diversilly because they are silly. In the end Eilon and Elsa get married and everyone lives happily ever after.

The Royal Albert Hall

Charlie, Lucy and I were lucky enough to take part in a competition as part of Isca Linea Symphonia. A few of months ago, we went to the Newport Centre and played the David Bowie Tribute. This was the start of the Music for Youth contest. We practised the piece lots of times and we were successful in getting through to the next round at Birmingham. We did very well in the next round and we found out that we had a place at The Royal Albert Hall.


On Monday 14th November we travelled up to London to The Royal Albert Hall for the Music for Youth concert. When we got there we went to the dressing room and got our instruments in tune. After that, we went into the hall and practised the finale song. We went to get our instruments and went to the stage we practised our David Bowie Tribute which was the piece we were playing.  After a long wait in the changing room we were ready to hit the stage. It was a wonderful experience! 



By Naomi

Probability Problems


We've been looking at probability this week in year 6 and to finish off the topic they had a go at arranging a selection of different events on a probability scale. They used a mix of decimals, fractions and percentages and everyone had a good attempt at solving the hidden problem!

Crucial Crew


Year 6 visited Raglan Barracks in Newport today to take part in a Crucial Crew afternoon. They learned all about railway safety, food hygiene and the danger of electricity, amongst a range of other dangers. The sessions were really well run and the children listened to all the presenters excellently. They even had the chance to buy a few souvenirs at the end!

Caerphilly Castle - The Age of the Princes


Year 6 enjoyed a fantastic visit to Caerphilly Castle today, and even though the weather was a little bit wet at times all pupils engaged really well and learnt lots! Class 13 started by learning all about life in medieval times for poor and rich Welsh people while class 14 helped to prepare a banquet in the great hall for Norman noblemen. A huge thank you to the educators from The Winding House who led the sessions and really enthused the kids.


  Caerphilly Castle  


Class 13 at Caerphilly Castle

Class 14 at Caerphilly Castle

Serving the Lord and Lady

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In preparation for our visit to Caerphilly Castle on Wednesday 11th October, here are some links for year 6 to find out a little more about this wonderful castle.


Exploring Castles


Castle Wales




Forces Investigation


This afternoon year 6 carried out an investigation all about friction. Having planned the experiment themselves they worked in groups to test a range of surfaces as they rolled a tennis ball down a ramp. Most accurately predicted that the smooth surface of the hall would have the least friction. Well done year 6!


How well do you know your forces? Click below to take our mini-quiz to find out. Parents and children welcome!


Forces Quiz


See below for photos of the year 6 pupils carrying out their investigation:



Cooking up a storm!


Year 6 have had a busy afternoon baking! All the pupils had a chance to make some Chocolate Crunch; a tasty treat with raisins, apricots and biscuit, not to mention melted chocolate generously dribbled all over the top! They have worked hard and should now be ready to help host our Macmillan coffee afternoon tomorrow at school. Make sure you pop up and try a few cakes!