Malpas Church Primary School

Educating Minds; Educating Hearts

Opening Times

Foundation Phase

Morning:    8:50am - 11:55am

Afternoon: 12:55pm - 3:15pm

The number of hours per week of lesson time is 21 hours.


Key Stage Two

Morning:    8.55am - 11.55am
Afternoon: 12:55pm - 3.30pm
The number of hours per week of lesson time is 23 hours 30 minutes.


In order to maintain the well being and safety of the children, no children should arrive at school before 8.45am. Gates are opened at 8:45am from which point all children can make their way to their classes, accompanied by their parents/carers via the one way system. 

At Malpas Church Primary School, if there is an urgent need to speak to a teacher, parents must go to the main office first and report to the secretary. Parents should not approach teachers as they greet their class or enter via pupil doors. For less urgent enquiries parents should make an appointment to see the class teacher via a letter or phone call.


The school gates at the Graig Park entrance are locked between 9.15am - 3.00pm.