Malpas Church Primary School

Educating Minds; Educating Hearts

Our School Logo

There is a lot of symbolism in our new logo that might not be immediately obvious. So here’s a breakdown of all the component parts and why they made it into the final design.



Firstly, the cross. This was always going to be a key feature of the logo making a clear Link to the church and the Christian faith that is central to the school’s vision, identity and mission.




The colours used in the new logo represent the colours on the old logo, thus keeping a link to the diocese.


The middle section of the logo depicts the children as a tree, developing, growing and maturing. This symbolism was repeated many times in the ideas generated by the children, staff and wider community. The 12 leaves represent the 12 school values for life, drawn from the Christian faith that is so central to the school’s character, vision and ethos.


This information is also available in a more portable/sharable pdf file below.